Soldier returns home after a 67-day deployment—what his wife prepared left him in tears

This woman kept a secret from her husband for three months while he was away. When you see the video how she reveals it, it’ll warm your heart.

Destiny Nicole’s husband, Eric, was away from home for 67 days. When he returned from his service on June 10, 2014, she was beyond ecstatic to be reunited with him. She had a big surprise waiting for him all planned out.

Upon his return, Destiny gave her husband three presents. What he didn’t know was the first two gifts, a pair of shoes and a tackle box, were to throw him off from the “real” present.

When Eric opened the third box, which was the intended gift, he was speechless the moment he saw what was inside. In the interior of the box, Destiny wrote a special message just for him—a secret she kept for three months.

Upon realizing what it was all about, Eric embraced his wife tightly and started to get teary-eyed.

Watch the video to find out what Destiny’s message was and what was inside the box.