Spearfisherman bags a nice grouper for lunch, but when a sneaky shark tries to claim it—hilarious!

A group of divers went spearfishing in the ocean expecting to catch some fresh seafood for lunch, but they definitely didn’t think they’d end up wrestling with a notorious ocean predator for it!

When these divers managed to catch a nice grouper while spearfishing off the coast of Belize, they thought they were in for a tasty lunch that day. Little did they know, though, that they would have to battle with a cheeky nurse shark if they wanted to go ahead with their lunch plans!

While one of the divers was holding the sweet catch in the bag, a nurse shark suddenly swam up and snatched the fish right out of his hand! After ruthlessly tearing up the mesh bag, the stubborn shark took off with the grouper.

Still, we have to admit that this is one brave diver for not surrendering his catch without a fight! And, looking at the size of that fish, we don’t blame him either!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Newsflare