Street magician goes onto college campus—his illusions leave all the students utterly stunned

It’s not easy to impress college students. So when Paul Vu manages to get their attention with his street magic, you know it’s time to check it out.

What’s great about magic? The sheer entertainment of seeing an act that defies our normal logic—plus it’s fun to watch too.

Social media magician Paul Vu managed to amaze and astonish college students with his fun and visual magic tricks. After he does each trick, the typical reaction is “OMG!”—and other myriad forms of that expression.

In one clip, Paul holds a cup of coffee in front of three students. He places his hand over the coffee cup, then flips it upside down, and crushes the cup. No single drop of coffee spills because the cup is already empty. The three collegiates flip out over what they just saw.

Watch the video to see all of Paul’s cool and fun tricks that he showed the students.