Surfers forced to fend off sea lions chasing them out of the water—soon, they’re both sprinting

A group of surfers thought they were about to be attacked by sharks—but although the actual culprit of their underwater disturbance seemed much cuter to start, they quickly realized things were about to escalate regardless.

The surfers were catching some waves out near Raglan, New Zealand when one of them felt something brush against his leg under the water.

Thinking it was a shark, he panicked and went to dash for shore.

Turning around, he at first thought he was safe and in the clear when he saw that the creature was actually just a sea lion—but before he had time to relax, he realized that the normally-friendly-looking animal was irate and still headed his way!

Terrified, he and a friend sped up in their push for shore, turning around a few times to try and fend the sea lions off with their boards.

They laughed about it afterward, but didn’t seem too thrilled in the water itself!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin Media