Sweet kitten is paralyzed—but watch when owner throws the ball


Tishi may be a tiny kitten, but she has the spirit of a tiger.

Tishi became partially paralyzed after she fell from a height of three stories in her hometown of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She was only two months old when she lost sensation and ability to move the lower half of her body.

Still, the playful little kitten doesn’t let that get in the way of chasing her toy ball.

It’s as though nothing ever happened to her. Tishi happily drags her bottom legs around as she goes after the ball, rolling around playfully.

The white, orange, and black coated kitten has been able to move her back legs a bit after receiving treatment, according to her owner.

People on social media shared their stories of their own kittens becoming paralyzed or rescuing paralyzed kittens they had found on the street.

Others thanked Tishi’s owners for taking good care of her and expressed warm wishes for the playful kitten.

I love this. She is beautiful and has so much energy. Whoever took her in, want to thank you for doing this for this sweet kitten.%image_alt%%image_alt%❤”

One woman from Massachusetts wrote, “This breaks my heart but at the same time the kitty has her challenges. But she never gives up. She’s having fun even if she struggles. The kitty doesn’t give up. She’s keeps on going know matter what. A beautiful kitty.”

Another said, “She’s beautiful she’s alive she enjoy life thanks to the good people For loving her and care for her good People.”