Railroad loop looks awesome but see it from this incredibly still drone—I have no words

Drones have become the newest obsession of this decade. Today, even non-military citizens can easily own and operate this technology to get breathtaking footage of the world around us.

Recently, a lot of fun videos and photographs that have emerged from ordinary enthusiasts launching their newest toy into the sky. And the most surprising footage has often been of familiar things that we’ve taken for granted in our lives.

For instance, the people of Kern County, California have long known of the Tehachapi Loop. It’s a 0.73 mile long, spiraling rail route that raises the elevation of trains coming from Bakersfield by 77 feet.

Yet, a video of this perfectly ordinary railway line held audiences spellbound simply because of the new angle the drone footage provided.

Hovering hundreds of feet up in the air, the video shows a long train chugging up the Tehachapi pass and slowly circling around the hill until its head crossed over its own tail.

Many commenters who’ve lived all their lives within a few miles of the loop had never seen this happen with their own eyes. It was a revelation. Something they had never known about a historic landmark in their own county.

The train in the video had to be over 4000 ft in length for it to overlap like that! It’s one thing to watch trains like this one pass through platforms and another to see such a behemoth crown a mountain pass with its body.

According to the locals, there is a View Point some distance away that lets tourists see this overlapping. But the view is neither this clear nor so awe-inspiring. Watching the train from the vantage the drone provided was a special experience.

As this technology become more common in our society, the drone’s unique reach will show us new, stunning angles to many things we take for granted.

Hopefully, it’ll make us appreciate the everyday world a little more.