These marriage proposals will make you laugh and cry—all the ladies just couldn’t say no!

Some men seem to seek out the unlikeliest of places and situations to propose to their lady love. These marriage proposals will make you laugh, cry, or cringe—but the best part is that all these tricks and surprises worked for these couples!

As the saying goes, “Make a proposal that she can’t resist!” these men know exactly how to win their soulmates’ hearts.

These men must all be pretty confident that the love of their life will say yes, as there are lots of people around staring at them with fingers crossed.

Or, on the lighter note, is that to pressurize their beloved lady to say yes?!

Considering the risk of facing potential public humiliation, if these would-be husbands still dare to plan such proposals, it indeed shows their great, courageous spirit. And another thing that makes these public proposals memorable is these men’s great sense of humor!

It looks like some of the most endearing weddings are in the making! Enjoy the video.

Video Credit: NTD.