These ‘orchids’ are a feast for an eye. When their ‘petals’ move—they turn into something else

Are these flowers or insects? At first glance, these beautiful mantises with pink-and-white-colored petal-like legs are often mistaken for orchids. But don’t let their darling appearance fool you.

The body design of these insect-eating carnivores resembles a flower that helps to attract insects. Any victims are then eaten alive.

These delightful-looking tiny orchid mantises (Hymenopus coronatus) in this video are going about negotiating life-or-death situations with each other. The female will decapitate the male during mating before eating his head and the rest of his body.

Don’t these tiny mantises look like little fairies dancing on this person’s hand?

Nature is so amazing!

Video Credit: Facebook | JukinVideo.

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