They build a fire pit over lake, but what they put on it—my jaw drops


This roasted chicken over a river is prepared with the collaboration of traditional methods and the power of nature. Adding a touch of nature always brings out the best taste and presents a unique food experience that anyone can enjoy. It’s a fairly complex process, starting with preparing the chicken and building the spit roast contraption from scratch. Have you ever tried to roast a whole chicken over a river? The water stream from a river drives a Windmill on which Chicken rotates over the wood fire. The chicken skin gets roasted while the device floats gently on the river. It is the combined work of a chef and engineer! Here is the process of how they did it:

-3 Whole chicken
-Chili Paste
-Chili powder

The Cooking Process:
Step 1:
Preparing the Chicken:
Take three whole Chickens and clean them. With the help of a knife, cut a line starting from the breast part and end it near the drumstick. Add five to six lines on each side to make sure the mixture reaches the inside part of Chicken.

Step 2:
Preparing the mixture:
Take a container, add a packet of curd into it. Now add Chili paste, salt, spices, turmeric and Chili powder to the curd. Slice two lemons and drizzle the lemon juice all over the mixture. Mix all the ingredients well.

Step 3:
Seasoning the Chicken:
Apply the spice mixture to the chicken and massage it deeply so it penetrates well through the skin of the chicken. The turmeric changes the skin of the chicken into a nice yellow color.

Step 4:
Setting up the Windmill:
First, inspect the river and check the depth of river and sand. Take two medium sized sticks and plant the sticks in the river with help of a hammer. Attach the windmill equipment on the sticks and build the windmill. Make sure it rotates smoothly without any issues. Place rocks in the middle of the two sticks to prepare the fire pit. Add wood logs in the middle and light a fire.

Step 4:
Roasting the Chicken:
Take the windmill and slide all the three chickens in a horizontal position over the fire. Set up the windmill on the sticks and it should start rotating around by the streams of rivers. Enjoy the view of Chicken getting cooked by the gentle waves of the river and the rhythmic rotation of windmill. Wait until the Chicken turns into a gorgeous golden brown color and smells wonderful.

Step 5:
Take the roasted chicken out of the windmill and place it on the serving place. Garnish the recipe with lime juice and sauce if you want to.

The process needs some time and basic engineering skills to set up (not to mention a river), but it’s a great DIY opportunity for enthusiasts to try their hand at.

A video by Village Food Secrets