This dog is not burying bones—when you see what he’s up to, you’ll be in tears

This heartbreaking scene of a dog in Thailand burying his buddy deserves another look. This video has been floating around the internet for some time. It has managed to attract over 13 million views, 183 thousand shares 480 thousand reactions and a whopping 11 thousand comments, and it’s not hard to see why.

After this dog was hit by a car, his owner dug him a grave to give him a proper burial. But when his dog brother saw him laying in the hole, he jumps in to sniff him, then uses his snout to cover his body with dirt.

At first glance, it appears that he may very well be mourning his friend’s death and paying his respects along with his owner. The more skeptical among us however would say, “Hold on a minute.”

Because animal species that bury their dead are very rare. Whether this practice occurs outside of humankind is still widely contested in the scientific community. For instance, elephants and magpies have been observed covering carcasses but not burying them. Dolphins and whales exhibit behavior similar to mourning but, this too is highly contested.

So, which is it? Truth is, we don’t know. Study of this phenomenon is rare and the earliest mention of it in modern scientific journals dates back only to the 1970’s. Reactions to the video however span a wide spectrum. Some see a beautiful scene depicting the love shared between two canines and others see a dog doing what dogs do; digging in a hole.

One social media user found significance in the fact that the dog wasn’t using his paws, but his nose, to fill the grave.

“Pay attention to his behavior. He’s not using his paws. He’s using his nose to displace dirt. Is it him showing respect? Dogs are wonderful,” he wrote.

Another commented: “One of my cats was killed, and when I buried him, my dog sat there and cried the whole time. I mean you could see the tears running down her face. Now tell me animals don’t have feeling like humans!!”

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | ViralHog