This dwarf horse has gained thousands of fans online—his owner even wrote a book about him!

He’s smaller than his fellow equines, but he has a big heart and is entirely mischievous. Since his owner posted a charming video of him online, this adorable horse has been getting a lot of fans online.

Little Shammy became a big superstar after Michele posted the video online of the tiny horse and quickly gained 5,000 fans. To share more of Shammy’s exploit, Michele wrote a book all about this small steed.

Unfortunately for little Shammy, because of his condition, he is more vulnerable to health hazards than most healthy horses. No matter, Michele will always be there to take care of him and love him.

©Getty Images | Barcroft TV

Despite the size of this tiny horse, who suffers a rare form of dwarfism, little Shammy became an internet sensation after his owner posted an adorable video of him on Facebook.