This lady is watching TV when suddenly she feels the ground shake, then she starts filming—OMG!

The 6.9-magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc across several Hawaiian communities just days ago continues to pose a mortal danger to the inhabitants of the big island. The earthquake was triggered when Mount Kilauea erupted, and has resulted in lava flows, dangerous gas clouds, and several aftershocks that are still felt throughout the island.

This woman was sitting on her couching watching t.v when she managed to capture the moment the powerful tremors started rattling her home.

It only lasts a minute, but as soon as this young woman realizes what’s happening, the begins filming her surroundings.

As picture frames, flower vases, and furniture start to rattle uncontrollably, she rushes around the house securing valuables and calling out to her family members who are in the other rooms, making sure they’re ok. In the kitchen, she finds her “auntie” with the stove on, and holding the dining room hutch shut with all her might. 

Though this young woman remains impressively calm throughout the whole minute, even joking lightheartedly with her “auntie” that she’s “still cooking!”, it’s clear this family loves each other dearly, and it may not be the first time they’ve experienced a powerful earthquake together!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jukin