This might look like a Rubik’s Cube, but it’s far more delicious than that

Grolet’s apple tart, or “tarte aux pommes” in French, is one of his signature inventions. In the video above, Instagram user and food blogger Paris Chez Sharon has filmed chef Grolet carefully arranging the apple slices into a flower-like pattern. Inside is a bright green cream filling. His Rubik’s Cube cake is equally enticing. The individual cubes are placed on rotating plates, so that you can spin the layers around like a real Rubik’s Cube!

Bakers and dessert connoisseurs are becoming more and more creative that the good ol’ fashioned vanilla cake is almost becoming a thing of the past. It’s either topped with some exquisite sounding frosting, fresh fruit or filled with a pastry cream or custard. Since we know some of you are right now watching Chef Grolet’s designs in awe but more so contemplating the level of skills, amount of mess and length of time involved; we will like to share with you some easy ways you can dress up your cakes at home.

1. Edible Flowers – They are all the hype and bring colour, texture and healthiness to your cake.

2. Fruits – You can go minimalist with a nude cake and some fresh berries. Maybe a thin coating of frosting for the berries to adhere to, a dusting of powdered sugar and even some fresh herbs such as lavender and rosemary.

3. Buttercream – Probably the most traditional and classic way to decorate a cake – a buttercream frosting. It is pretty easy to bring together with these ingredients : ½ cup unsalted butter at room temperature , 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract, 2 cups sifted confectioner’s sugar, 2 tbsp warm milk, 3 drops food color (optional). Combine in a stand mixer or in a bowl with a hand mixer. Chill before using. If you’re tired of the mundane slap on and smooth out application, you can use everyday utensils such as a fork or spoon to create distinct shapes and designs.

4. Chocolate – Chocolate curls for the girl! You can purchase a chocolate bar from the grocery store and use a peeler to shave and make curls. You can even use a grater for thinner shavings. A dark and white chocolate blend of curls is a sight for sore eyes.

5. Fondant – Fondant sheets have simplified the art of cake decoration and have made it very easy for novice bakers. You can readily buy fondant and shape it into anything your heart desires. Once applied properly, fondant is neat, smooth and free of bulges and seams. An easy way to use fondant in cake decorating is to cut out small, large or a mix of circles and apply them to your cake.

6. Sprinkles – How can we forget sprinkles! They are literally the first form of cake decor we know of ever since we were all kids. At birthday parties, graduation or just any occasion, sprinkles just have a way of making things better- they are sweet, multi coloured tidbits of joy.

7. Cream Cheese – This is another one of those easy yet sophisticated forms of cake decor. Softened cream cheese, sweetner and flavourings make cream cheese frosting a hit for any kind of dessert.