This simple experiment proves human thought has energy—watch what happens to each jar

Here’s a highly educational video of a simple experiment with major implications. You will need cooked rice, a couple of jars, and a label marked “hate” and another marked “love.”

The eye-opening experiment demonstrates just how influential one’s thoughts actually are. Seeing the end result of this experiment, what are you to make of it? What part does our mind-intent play? Is it true that we create the result we want?

This short video may even have you reflect on your own thoughts. Whilst it may prove a pertinent point, we do feel sorry for the “hated” jar of rice.

Dr. Masaru Emoto showed us how the power of thought can affect water molecules. Positive thoughts create a totally different outcome than negative ones.

Just imagine what those thoughts do to ourselves and others. After all, our bodies are mostly composed of water.

Video Credit: YouTube | John Vincent.