This wife gives her man a lovely Christmas gift—but when he opens it, he leaps off the sofa

This video undeniably shows one of the best gifts a man could ever receive for Christmas. And tears will flow if one receives this.

This woman has a lovely surprise for her husband early on Christmas morning, and it’s not something that he expected. She puts the gift inside a small box for her husband to open.

Slowly, he lifts the cover, curious about what his wife has in store for him.

He looks at it, then to his wife, then to the present inside with utter disbelief. Finally, he realizes what he’s looking at, and he leaps off the sofa and embraces his wife in pure joy.

Well, it seems like the other women in the video are oblivious to the gift’s contents as well because they all gasp after the surprise is revealed.

Watch the whole video to know what the surprise gift is.

Video Credit: JukinVideo.