Tiny bulldog grabs skateboard in mouth and starts running—then East Londoners start recording

What would you do if you were enjoying an afternoon in the park and a cheerful french bulldog suddenly whizzed past you on his skateboard?

A group of park-dwellers in Stoke Newington, East London, got to experience this very thrill one day, when a small canine friend was seen gliding around on his very own set of wheels.

A number of onlookers quickly pulled out phones to capture videos of the spectacle, although the dog seemed to be far from bothered by the attention; he continues gliding along, barking all the while, getting off and pushing his board a bit to gain more momentum before hopping back on.

The video quickly went viral, as fans worldwide fell in love with the hilarious (and quite unexpected) sight. With the playground just across the walk at Clissold Park, children and adults alike were mesmerized by the skateboarding pooch as he showcased his unique set of skills.

A deeper investigation, though, shows that this was no chance talent.

The bulldog turns out to be Eroc, a french bulldog with quite the Instagram following for his incredible skateboard skills and other fancy tricks.

Although he spends more time at skate parks showing off what he can do, the photogenic four-legged friend decided to take a tour through the park that particular afternoon.

He’s got fans for his fancy wheels, but also for his charitable work around London, UK, and other parts of the world. He recently met with some firefighters in London to thank them for all that they do, and is working to promote a program called “SkatePal,” which helps bring skateboarding to Palestine for the children living there.

See how much fun this dog is having as he grabs his board in mouth, throws downs and starts to burn rubber across the compound, to the delight of East Londoners, in the video!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Australia