Tiny dog climbs on bed & sniffs sleeping baby—when he notices something missing, it’s so sweet

The internet is full of high-intensity debates, and the ones regarding dogs and their interactions with new babies in the house tend to be some of the most hotly fought.

As this small pup shows, though, one thing isn’t up for debate – and that’s how much the family’s four-legged friends can unconditionally love their newest little siblings.

This family put their newborn baby in the master room bed for a nap, laying out a small blanket beneath him while keeping a close eye.

Then, with the cameras rolling, the family’s mini pinscher climbed up next to the baby – and without prompting began executing an adorably effective swaddle, snuggling up the baby as he slept soundly.

A few viewers expressed concern that the dog may try to cover the baby’s head, or that this kind of behavior could turn sour quickly when the baby becomes a wilder toddler.

As many others pointed out, though, the swaddling behavior is incredibly characteristic of mini pinschers – and they have a habit of protecting their young, whether it be their own puppies or the infants brought home by their owners.

“I love this,” one woman wrote. “It reminds me of my mom’s dog that did the same thing to my first born, pets are so sweet. He even used to put the pacifier on the baby everytime he would start crying.”

It is important to always keep an eye on your baby and pets because, as some social media users mentioned, the dog could cover the infants face with the blanket, prohibiting breathing.

One thing is for sure – this baby and their dog are most certainly going to grow up to be good friends!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | ViralHog