Touching clip shows man singing with wife from a hospital bed—66 years of love caught on film

After being married for 66 years, this old couple still have eyes only for each other. Keep the tissues handy to watch them sing “You Are My Sunshine” lovingly to each other in the video.

When James Pinegar, 86, contracted a serious blood infection, he thought his days were numbered. Because his wife, Colleen, stayed constantly by his bedside, James wanted to share how he felt about her in a song.

“This is special to me,” he whispered to his beloved. He then began singing with Colleen the old ballad “You are My Sunshine,” which is their favorite song.

Watching the duo sing in perfect harmony together, one could feel the immense love they shared for one another. Their video has been viewed on YouTube almost 2 million times.

“My dad is very sentimental and having gotten this blood infection felt his life was short, and that song is their theme song. I had my son put it on (YouTube) so family and friends could see his great love for my mom,” Pinegar’s daughter, Linda Whitaker, told TODAY.

James and Colleen could certainly teach many of us a thing or two about love.

“They are one of the greatest examples of true unselfish love that I have ever seen in my life. My grandma was by his side the entire time nursing him back to health. This is love,” their granddaughter, Andrea Jarvis, wrote on YouTube, according to

We all love a happy ending, and fortunately, this is one. James’s health did improve afterward, thank goodness.

Video credit: YouTube | Tom and Linda Whitaker.


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