Tourist sees monkey cradling something—when she looked closer, she had to film this rare sight

This woman couldn’t have imagined she would stumble across such an extraordinary scene in the forest. She was expecting to capture some amazing wildlife shots, but instead, she caught sight of an unlikely, yet adorable relationship between a monkey and a little creature.

One day in October 2008, amateur photographer Anne Young was visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia, to capture some pictures of wild monkeys.

Surprisingly, in a rare moment, she chanced upon a male long-tailed macaque monkey cradling and carrying around a ginger kitten under his chest.

What was the monkey doing with the kitten?

Apparently, the wild monkey had adopted the abandoned kitten!

Instead of causing harm to the ginger kitten, the monkey was affectionately nuzzling the creature, and grooming it from time to time, as if it were its own baby. The monkey also tried to prevent the tiny animal from straying too far away.

Anne captured the amazing shots of the unlikely pair after chancing upon the extraordinary sight.

According to Anne, the monkey didn’t like it when she took pictures of the kitten. Like a stepdad protecting his child, the monkey shielded the kitten from the lens, even covering it with a leaf when Anne got too close.

In another shot captured by Anne, the little creature was seen spending time with some of the other monkeys in the forest.

It seemed the other monkeys didn’t mind its presence and have accepted the cat as part of the primate family.

It’s unknown why this monkey adopted the feline, or if the kitten was abandoned by its mother. No matter what the reason was, it’s undeniable that their extraordinary relationship is incredibly sweet.

It’s not new that parents in the animal kingdom adopt babies that aren’t their own, and even those of other species. It seems when it comes to babies in need, animals do not discriminate.

May the monkey and kitten enjoy their time together. What a lucky find!

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot | demulinz.

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