Trapped baby elephant starts panicking—when villagers can’t get her out, I did not see that coming!

While the elephants roaming India have been slowly but surely fostering stronger and more trust-based relationships with the citizens of the South Asian nation, their plight—which was once largely focused on hunting and poaching—is still far from over.

While the numbers of poachers have gone down, the elephants have now found themselves getting into trouble due to the raw, unfinished infrastructure of the developing nation.

Lack of proper construction supervision and little planning when it comes to open wells, the majestic creatures have found themselves in dire need of rescue more than a few times in the last few years.

Take, for example, this baby elephant discovered near Andhra Pradesh, along India’s southeastern coast.

The small elephant found himself trapped when he slipped and fell into a dry well, deep and lacking any solid footholds for the young animal to make his way back out.

Desperate, he tried everything he could—but nothing seemed to work, and he had been separated from his mother for far too long.

The villagers from a nearby town attempted to use a JCB digger to simply hoist the elephant out, hoping that the relatively sophisticated and reasonably powerful machinery could get the job done.

When that didn’t work, though, they had to resort to some extreme measures; just take a look at how long it takes to get the poor animal back to safety. That’s dedication to saving the animals, no matter how big or small!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Caters