Treasure hunter takes his GF on a search in the woods—then they find the surprise of a lifetime!

When West Virginia resident Ryan Parsons invited his girlfriend Lisa to go out on a hike with him, she had no reason to believe anything was amiss.

He convinced her that the pair would have fun doing one of Parsons’ favorite things, bringing along a metal detector to explore for hidden treasure on the hike.

Lisa had never been out on a hike with the New Life Community Church pastor, but she knew he always enjoyed his treks—so the amicable girlfriend agreed to tag along. She had no idea, though, that they would find something absolutely life-changing, lying in the mud, while out on the trail!

The pair first stumbled across a vintage coin, so Parsons insisted that they keep looking. What Lisa didn’t realize, though, was that he was leading her to a spot where he knew they were sure to find something impressive.

Sure enough, the pair arrived at a clearing and quickly witnessed the metal detector go off on top of a rock in the ground.

“Excited” by his find, Parsons told Lisa to begin filming. While he told her that clearly someone had hidden something special under the rock, though, she had no way of knowing just how special the hidden object was indeed!

Once the box was unearthed, Lisa got closer with the camera. After reading some prophetic bible verses etched into the top of the box, though, Parsons opened the lid and finally pulled out the prize—he knew exactly what they were going to find all along, though it came as the shock of a lifetime for dear Lisa!

It’s going to be hard to top that surprise!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jukin