Turkey cuddles its rescuer, but when pet dog wants to snuggle too—the ‘love triangle’ unfolds

Dogs and cats love to cuddle with their human owners. However, this animal featured in the video is not usually associated with hugs at all, so it’s surprising to see such desired affection. You have to see it to believe it.

Brant Pinvidic sat on the ground as he became the target of affection from this large bird—a turkey. His pet turkey, Albert, circled around him briefly with his tail feathers spread in full. After a couple of turns, he hopped right onto Brant’s lap and went in for a snuggle!

Albert placed his head right on Brant’s shoulders as Brant caressed the animal gently.

When his dog London saw, she became jealous and approached the two; Albert was quick to peck the pooch away as if to say, “He’s mine! Get away!”

You can’t blame Albert for loving Brant so much. Brant rescued him and a female turkey, whom the family named Princess, from a slaughterhouse. Now Albert gets to strut his stuff at the Pinvidic home, where he watches over his two chicks.