Uber passengers are confused when driver refuses payment—when he hands them cash, they’re stunned

Most people become Uber drivers to make some extra cash on the side, but this man in Asheville, North Carolina registered as a driver for the exact opposite reason.

When this man first moved to the US as a child, life was “tough and unfair,” but throughout the difficult times, he learned a valuable lesson: hard work and determination pays off—and he is proof.

Now a young man and financially secure enough to “pay it forward,” the Asheville, North Carolina resident decided to give back to his community—in an unexpected way—to show his gratitude for the support he received throughout the struggles in his early years.

So, he registered as an Uber driver and drove people all around Asheville, North Carolina. But at the end of the trip, though, instead of receiving a payment from his passengers, he refunded in cash what Uber charged them for the ride.

The surprised and heartfelt reactions by his passengers captured on his dash cam are truly touching. It’s clear that his mission was fulfilled to the utmost of expectations!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Newsflare