Little brother makes sacrifices throughout life for sister, then 22 years later—she finds out why

I’ll never forget my brother’s expression the first time he protected me. I was 11 and he was 8. 

I was born in a secluded village on a mountain. Day after day, my parents plowed the dry, yellow soil with their backs toward the sky.

One day I wanted to buy a handkerchief all of the girls around me seemed to have, so I stole 50 cents from my father’s drawer.

He discovered the stolen money right away and threatened to punish us both if neither of us confessed.

“Who stole the money?” he asked me and my brother.

I was stunned–too afraid to speak.

Neither of us said a word, so our father told us, “If nobody wants to admit it, both of you will be punished!”

Suddenly, my brother said “Dad, I was the one who did it!”

My brother took the blame and punishment for me. In the middle of the night I suddenly burst into tears.

My brother went to my bedside, put his little hand over my mouth and said, “Sis, don’t cry anymore. Everything has already happened.”

I will never forget my brother’s expression when he protected me. That year, my brother was 8 and I was 11.

Little did I know then that that was just the beginning of the many hardships, challenges, and sacrifices my brother would endure protect and take care of me throughout my life. Then one day when my brother was 30 and I was 33, I finally learned why.

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