Want to eat pizza but all you have at home is bread? This is how you do it

Are you a big fan of pizza? You don’t need an oven or even dough to make one. You can make a beginner’s type pizza called “pizza on bread” that’s both affordable and easy to make.

Pizza on bread is a great way to enjoy the taste and texture of actual pizza, except it uses bread instead of pizza dough. This brief video shows us how pizzas on bread are made, what they look like and how they’re similar to actual pizzas. So if you would like to make your very own pizza on bread then here’s what you need to know. See the full video here:


You won’t need dough to make pizzas on bread, but you will still need to worry about the toppings. So before you get started, make sure that you have the following items on hand:

– Butter
– Chopped Onions
– Chopped Capsicum
– Chopped Tomatoes
– Salt
– Black Pepper
– Oregano Leaves
– Pizza Sauce
– Mozzarella Cheese
– Slices of Bread

You’ll also need a knife, a spatula and a frying pan with a cover. If you want to add some condiments and meat ingredients, go ahead and add them as well.


Okay, it’s worth mentioning that making some pizza on bread is very different from how regular pizzas are made. When making a real pizza, the first step is to flatten the dough. Next the sauce is added then the toppings are arranged all over the pizza, and finally the pizza is placed inside the oven.

With the pizzas on bread, however, the first step is to prepare the toppings. The slices of bread will still need to be cooked to make them crispy but they can wait. So the first thing that you should do is heat your pan then add a bit of butter on the surface. Rub the butter around until the pan is covered in hot butter.

Now, add the onions, capsicum, tomatoes, salt, black pepper and oregano leaves onto the pan then mix them around until they look nice and juicy. If you want to add some meat ingredients, like slices of salami or even ham, be sure to cook them before hand. When the toppings are ready, set them aside for later use.

Next, we will need to prepare the bread. Put a little butter on the pan again then let it cover the entire surface. When you’re ready, start frying the bread. until both sides are golden. Take out the bread then cover them with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Add the toppings then cover them with some more mozzarella cheese.

Finally, take your knife and slice the bread diagonally, so that they look like miniature pizzas. Voila. Your pizzas on bread are ready for eating.

The best thing about pizzas on bread is that they are very easy to make. The most challenging part is preparing the toppings, and even that is easier compared to preparing the toppings of real pizzas. So if you’re a big pizza fan then go ahead and give this recipe a try.

Credit: Huma in the kitchen