We always hear about the benefits of cucumbers, but these 12 things—I didn’t know about

12 Reasons Why Cucumbers are Magic Medicine

Did you know that cucumbers are 96 percent water? And they do more than just keep you hydrated. Munching on cucumbers provides a whole slew of benefits for your body. Beyond helping you lose weight, they’re chock full of vitamin B, electrolytes, and vitamin E. This low-calorie food helps cure headaches, clear up acne, and flush out the toxins in your body. Watch this video and learn about nine additional health advantages of eating this fruit.

1. Cures Headaches: Cucumbers are a fruit that come with a lot of vitamin E, sugar, and electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that regulate fluid in your body. The minerals improve brain health as well as your memory.

2. Good Skin: Because cucumbers have silica, vitamin E, and amino acids in them, they promote healthy skin. That includes getting rid of acne and protecting our skin from the effects of growing older.

3. A Clean Liver: Having 96 percent water helps flush out the toxins found in your liver. With all the water and fiber in cucumbers, they’re a natural diuretic.

4. Get Better Digestion: Don’t skip out on eating the skin of a cucumber or the seeds. The skin and seeds are dense with fiber. If you turn them into homemade pickles, this further increases healthy digestion.

5. Kills Bad Breath: Eliminate bad breath by eating a few slices of this fresh fruit. Doing so increases the amount of saliva in your mouth, and it washes away the bacteria that cause foul breath.

6. Good Nourishment: One of the biggest reasons why eating cucumbers is so beneficial is that they’re high in a variety of nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K and minerals like potassium, magnesium and more.

7. Love Your Heart: Cucumbers are associated with reducing the risk for heart disease. The potassium improves your heart health by lowering your blood pressure. The more potassium you take in, the lower your risk of having a stroke. Plus, because they help you lose weight, that also minimizes your risks of having heart problems.

8. Reduces Cholesterol: The sterol compounds in cucumbers are water soluble and thus lower cholesterol. These compounds are also essential to the health of cell membrane structure.

9. Open Your Eyes: Spas place slices of cucumbers over your eyes to soothe them. Eating a few slices will also revive your tired eyes. This is due to all the vitamin C and caffeic acid found in cucumbers.

10. Get Nice Hair and Nails: The silica minerals found in cucumbers carry many health benefits. One of their results is smooth hair and nails.

11. No More Achy Joints: Cucumbers strengthen your connective tissue. They contain anti-inflammatory substances called flavonoids as well as tannins. Both limit how many free radicals are released from the body. Vitamin K and vitamin D help with bone density. All these factors can help relieve your joint pains.

12. Fight Cancer: The nutrients in cucumbers are proven to block cancer cell development and survival. Eating a cucumber protects our DNA from damage too.

There are far more than 12 reasons why cucumbers are like a magic medicine. The minerals they contain help regulate your blood pressure, and these green wonders will dissolve kidney and bladder stones by ridding the body of excessive uric acid. Enjoy cucumbers as a fresh, low-calorie snack and know you’re making a beneficial choice for your health.