When dads and kids get together—you wouldn’t be prepared for what’s to come

If you’re a mom and have wondered what it’s really like when kids are left with their dads, this series of video clips may give you an idea.

In the first scene, a dad is seen lying in the same position as his daughter.

It would be a little too simple if dad and daughter just kept looking at each other and smiling. So, Dad thinks of a way to entertain his toddler—teaching her how to shake her body!

With the little girl mimicking his movements, they look so cute together!

This dad here is a pro in doing cartwheels, and decides to show his skills to his two daughters.

When he’s done, the girls try to do the same. However, what happens next is too adorable for words!

There are some dads who’re known for being “super dad,” like this one here with his twins.

Just look at how he tries to change one toddler’s diaper while the other goes roaming around. When the latter almost disappears, he manages to catch them.

It’s definitely not an easy feat for this dad!

Be sure to watch the entertaining video to see how he keeps on top of the arduous task.

Video Credit: Facebook | NTD Funniest.