When these twins start playing in the house—this is what you should expect

Taking care of one child is already not an easy feat, much less having to look after two kids. But there are also perks that come with having twins, and this series of video clips is the perfect example to show why.

Some say that there is twice the fun when having twins, but it also comes with twice the trouble. Just look at what these two boys are doing.

Hopefully, they didn’t leave the cabinet too messy for their parents to clean up.

When you have twins, you will never need to worry about them being bored.

These two toddlers are keeping each other amused. One gets a good exercise shaking the bootie up and down, and the other gets a good laugh getting gently hit in the face with the sibling’s bottom.

Nothing will warm your heart more than seeing displays of affection between your children.

After this toddler comes down the slide, he immediately hugs his brother until they fall over.

Be sure to watch the video for more cute moments between twins!

Video Credit: Facebook |  NTD Funniest.