Lady asks Judge to dismiss speeding charge—when she offers to do a ‘handstand,’ it gets weird

When Judge Caprio of Providence, Rhode Island, called young Elyssa Cipriano before the bench, he never expected to turn the court upside-down. In the end, however, that’s how she ended up turning, quite literally.

Although she never denied doing 30 in 25 mph zone, she argued that the change in speed limit when crossing Henderson Bridge was a forgivable offense.

She just follows traffic, and that sign is hardly noticeable, she says.

Not to mention, one cannot go from 35 to 25 on a dime, she reasons.

After both Judge and Prosecutor agree her performance before the court to be an impressive display, it is revealed that she once was a performer—a dancer, in fact.

At that point, Elyssa volunteers that she can do a handstand; and she further appeals to the apparent lighthearted tone so common in Judge Caprio’s proceedings, “if I do a handstand … can I get a warning?”

“Let’s go,” prods Judge Caprio. What transpires next some would consider shocking in a court of law. But more than that, the Judge’s decision was good as gold—though some may also find it unorthodox.

Taking all things into consideration, he delivers a satisfying dose of down-to-earth justice, as always! What became of young Elyssa’s charge, however … you’ll have to see for yourself!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caught in Providence