Woman attempts to drill a hole in her wall—when she picks up a hammer, it gets hilarious

In this DIY age where every question someone may have about any reno task they need to complete can be answered with a quick search online, there is a confidence spreading across communities, but that confidence may be false.

This woman appears to have forgotten to research how to do her task. It appears to be a simple task, that of drilling a hole into the side of her house, but it turns out to be much harder than anticipated.

Choosing the right tools to complete a task properly is important if you are going to do a good job. This woman was not seeing the progress she anticipated and put on her problem-solving cap.

Her solution is one that many people revert too; when all else fails, hit it with a hammer.

She picks up a hammer and begins to hammer the back side of the drill while drilling. For seasoned tradespeople, they will quickly reach the conclusion that this woman is either going to break her drill, the drill bit, or both, and the hole she wants will be no closer to being completed.

The woman also appears to be oblivious to the fact that she has a captive audience: two felines and someone holding a camera watching her through the window, documenting the entire spectacle.

Everyone is guilty of doing something like this and, thankfully, video evidence exists that can show everyone they are not alone!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin