Woman films playful otter climbing all over her—then he does the unthinkable!

When a couple went out kayaking in Moss Landing, California, a woman’s brightly-colored rain boots became the topic of conversation—all thanks to an adorable sea otter’s fascination with the eye-catching blue footwear.

Filming in amusement and glee, the woman explained to her kayaking partner that she had named a sea otter floating along the side of her vessel “Oscar” after it had started to vie for her attention in a hilarious way.

After nosing at her blue rain boots at the end of the kayak, the sea otter had decided he needed to further investigate his new friend.

Swimming up close to the kayak and gripping the sides, he jumped right on board!

His first attempt resulted in a fall right back into the water, but he was more diligent the next time. swimming back underneath the kayak, he finally got enough balance to climb aboard and snuggle up against his new buddy.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin Media