Woman gets ready to board her flight—as soon as she steps into the plane, tears start flowing

This woman received a heartfelt surprise when she boarded her flight. Her overjoyed reaction in the video when she saw someone she knew is too precious.

Do you like surprises? Whether it is a gift or a gesture, the element of surprise is always a delightful moment when you see the recipient’s reaction—their shock or amazement is absolutely priceless.

This mother was on her way to visit her son for his birthday. She pulled her carry-on luggage down the airport boarding ramp, and after picking up her duty-free item, she stepped inside the plane.

She smiled warmly to greet the flight attendant at the entrance, and when she turned to the side, her jaw literally dropped. The captain of the plane was standing right there.

Seeing the pilot normally wouldn’t make someone as shocked as she was, but this captain was someone dear to her heart—her son.

Watch the heartwarming moment in the video.