Woman takes glitter bubble bath & forgets to rinse tub—when cat jump in, she starts recording

After a particularly self-indulgent bath, it’s hard to bring yourself to clean out the fragrant soaps and bath bomb glitters from the tub immediately. For one cat owner, though, forgetting to wipe down the tub following a glittery spa treatment had some unintended (and hilarious) consequences once her cat got into the mix!

Amanda Barron is the owner of Salem, a lovable black cat who happens to find immense joy in spending time in the bathtub.

Barron normally didn’t give this much thought when she was enjoying her own bath time—but after using a LUSH bath bomb full of glitter and failing to wipe down the tub walls, things got quickly out of hand.

In a hilarious YouTube video, Barron showed Salem smugly rolling around in the tub.

At first glance, it looks like a black cat stretching out—until you catch sight of the tiny glints of lights, shimmering on the tub floor … and all over the cat. Salem, like the bathtub, was now completely covered in glitter.

It is of course a cat’s instinct to dust bathe in order to lay their scent, but this instance left Salem absolutely bejeweled with glitter residue.

It’s impossible for Barron to hold back her laughter. As she later told Buzzfeed, she was “just glad Selina,” her second feline friend, managed to avoid the sparkly snafu.

And since the bath product was LUSH, a cosmetics company that heavily favors organic, safe ingredients and no animal testing, the glitter was seaweed-based—so it was perfectly safe for Salem to get all glitzed up for the evening.

As far as the cleanup, though, Barron has resigned to just having a dazzling pet for a little while.

“You don’t get rid of glitter,” she explained. “It stays with you forever.” For Salem, the shedding of sparkles around the house for days to follow was just something her owner was going to have to deal with—and a hilarious consequence of an unexpected episode.

 Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Life