Woodpecker lands on driver’s window. But when car starts speeding up—it’s just the beginning

One rainy, Chicago morning, a man on his way to work was pleasantly surprised — and a bit startled — when a woodpecker landed on his car window. Noting that the bird seemed to have no intention of flying off, he began recording his interactions with it.

The woodpecker had chosen a good companion. As the man drove through downtown Chicago, he made sure never to pick up his speed too much.

When a small bump almost dislodged the little bird’s grip on the car’s body, he slowed down enough to keep his feathered guest comfortably hanging on.

The man asked the woodpecker if he wanted to tour a bit of Chicago with him, and pointed out landmarks like the unnamed sculpture by Picasso in Daley Plaza as they drove by it.

His voice seemed to soothe the bird too. Even as the chilly wind of the city ruffled its feathers, it kept its attention on the driver.

The man was particularly impressed by the beautiful coloring of the bird. Aside from the distinctive beak of the woodpecker, it also had a red patch on the top of its head that marked it out as a member of the Red-Headed Woodpecker club.

After a while, when it seemed that the bird had decided to ride with him all the way to his office, it sudden flapped its wings and took off…only to get inside the car and perch on the man’s arm instead.

The driver’s friendly voice and the absence of the usual, “Shoo!” seemed to have assured the bird that he’s a man to be trusted.

And the next thing we see is the woodpecker comfortably sitting behind the man’s head, protected from the brutal, cold winds outside. Perhaps that was the little feathered friend’s goal all along.

The man certainly didn’t seem to mind, though. He just kept driving and talking to his guest as if birds flew into his car to ride with him every day.

As some people on social media pointed out, this video is the perfect example of man coexisting happily with nature.

Thanks to a bit of kindness, a wet bird found shelter from the chilly skies of Chicago and a man got some companionship as he drove to work. The world was a better place that day.