YouTube magician approaches New Yorkers on the streets—then things start getting crazy

New York City is a vast maze of busy streets, crowded subways, and people from all walks of life.

One thing most of them seem to have in common, though, is the ability to be pretty unimpressed by attention seekers on the street—and with nine million people crowded together, who can blame them?!

British comedian and street magician Julius Dein took to the streets of Manhattan over the course of a few days, filming himself boasting some of his most popular party tricks for everyone from curious tourists to born-and-bred city-dwellers.

He didn’t get impressed reactions from everyone; one young woman seemed highly unimpressed when he magically revealed the volume buttons on his headphones using a sneaky slight-of-hand.

For most of his onlookers, though, the quick, easy tricks were good for a shocked face, a cry of disbelief, and a slap on the back.

Some of his biggest hits? He bit a coin in half, pulled the Statue of Liberty off of a postcard, and shook a full deck of cards out of a small accordion fold of paper.

Perhaps best of all, the last unsuspecting audience member—a man who had a Starbucks straw magically beamed into his cup—lost his mind when he realized that he’d just been tricked by an Instagram star his girlfriend followed regularly.

Dein’s rise to fame took just months, but this video was a perfect example of why. His quick, easy-to-digest, fun videos of tricks don’t bog down viewers, but rather amuse and captivate; he’s the perfect star for the current digital media age.

New York seems to agree!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Julius Dein