Youtube magician tricks Americans with ‘fake magic’—but their reactions are too much to handle

No matter how old or cynical we become, we never completely stop believing in magic. And no one sees more evidence of this than Julius Dein, a 23-year-old who’s quickly taking over the internet with his magic tricks.

During his stay at Las Vegas, Dein revealed this through a hilarious compilation video where he recorded the delighted reactions of the locals to his magic tricks. 

Throughout the video, Dein shows us exactly how he works his illusions. If he shakes his fingers and transfers a ring from one to another, careful watching shows us that he never actual moved the ring.

The “magic” was in how he shook his hand and switched the fingers next to the one wearing the ring. But his audience, caught up in the moment, didn’t catch it.

Then, using two pieces of a spoon, held exactly at the point of break, he managed to convince a friend that he was “mind bending” it. His friend’s gasp of horror was the funniest thing to watch.

He also did a card trick, where a man took out a three of diamonds from a pack and put it back in the middle. Dein told him that he would make the card jump to the top, and with a finger snap flipped the top card for him to see. It was the three of diamonds.

But as the man lost his mind over this, Dein slyly showed the pack of cards to the camera—they were all three of diamonds.

This young magician has no plans of moving away from his street based performances. He clearly loves being able to work his audience up close, and the results are indisputably hilarious.

This rising social media star understands what a lot of other magicians don’t. People love magic, but they love to laugh even more.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | JuliusDein