You’ve never had tiramisu until you’ve had tiramisu like this

Tiramisu is an exceptional french dessert that comes together in no time. It can be made ahead of time and left to set in the fridge while you prepare the other components for dinner. It’s name in English means “pick me up” or “cheer me up” which is fitting since it is a coffee flavoured dessert. It is made from ladyfingers that have been dipped in coffee, then layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese- an Italian lighter and slightly sweeter version of cream cheese- then flavoured with cocoa. Nowadays, persons are switching up the game with the dessert but transforming it into cakes and even miniature versions such as the one shown in the video. Watch the full video here:

Traditionally, the shape of tiramisu is round although the biscuits have a rectangle shape. It can also be assembled in round glasses or pyramid shaped ones to show off its various layers. The addition of whipped cream or whipped eggs or both, combined with mascarpone cream cheese results in a light, thick and foamy dish. This chilled dessert overtime has experienced a number of variations such as replacing the coffee with amaretto liqueur, adding berries, lemon curd, banana slices and even beer. These variations might even be more so considered a trifle as opposed to tiramisu.

In some cases, some cooks even substitute the ladyfingers with other cakes or sweet yeasty breads such as panettone. Marsala wine, dark rum, port wine and even Irish cream can be added to the recipe as well. Especially coffee flavoured liqueurs such as Kahlua.


Cake Flour: 100g
Coffee Powder: 5g
Egg: 3
Icing Sugar: 45g


1. Whip Egg White (3) with Sugar till fully mixed
2. Whip Egg Yolk with Icing Sugar till fully mixed
3. Mix well that ⅓ from step 1 with that from step 2, add ½ from step 1 and fully mix
4. Sift cake flour and coffee powder. Add coffee powder, cake flour into that from step 3, mix well. Add the rest from step 1, mix well
5. Add the mixing from step 4 into a pastry bag and make bars on the baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes on 325F

Tiramisu Cream


Dairy Heavy Cream: 120g
Sugar: 15g
Cream Cheese: 250g
Icing Sugar: 60g
Milk: 60g
Egg: 3
Gelatine: 10g
Lemon: ½


1. Whip Cream cheese well
2. Whip Heavy Cream with sugar well
3. Mix milk and sugar and heat in a container in boiling water, add egg yolk one by one and stir. Add gelatine, half lemon juice and stir. Cool it down to room temperature
4. Add that from step 1 to that from step 3, mix well, add that from step 2, mix it into Tiramisu Cream
5. Brew a cup of coffee
6. Dip a Tiramisu Bar into the coffee then put it into a cup. Squeeze Tiramisu cream to the top and add the bar and add cream again, add the bar the 3rd time and add the cream to the top of the cup. Sprinkle some coffee powder. Freeze for 4 hours
7. To finish, add cacao powder on top