Zookeeper lures crocodile with leg of lamb—when the croc snaps its jaws, it’s unbelievable!

Elvis, also known as “The Bone Crusher,” is a crocodile that calls The Australian Reptile Park it’s home. In this stunning demonstration captured on video, he shows off his hunting skills, and it’s more than a little bit unnerving.

When first introduced to this crocodile, it appears slow and docile as it inspects the bait presented to it. It slowly meanders up the bank of the pond it calls home and does not appear to show much interest in its surroundings at all.

The crocodile’s massive teeth hang out over it’s lower jaw and would justifiably intimidate anything that strays too close.

What is assumed to be a caretaker at the zoo dangles fresh kill in front of the beast.

The animal’s calm demeanor is abruptly and frighteningly broken when the croc snaps violently at it’s target. The force exerted is enough to shatter bone, and the impact of the snap is audible from a distance.

The sudden speed this hulking beast demonstrates is humbling and a must see. You can hear gasps of surprise come from the many onlookers as they digest what they just witnessed.

The video has garnered over 1 million views to date and has catapulted this crocodile to a respectable level of stardom.

The Australian Reptile Park describes itself as a “hands on” zoo.

After watching this video, viewers may rethink just how “hands on” they would like to get with this indifferent and powerful species.

 Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | The Australian Reptile Park